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Germany Student Visa – The Process to Apply

Germany is one of Europe’s top study destinations offering large educational facilities and beautiful cities to international students. A student’s life in Germany is quite exciting, offering a number of interesting courses for better career growth and lifestyle. If you plan to obtain a Germany student visa, you should prepare well before leaving your country of origin. Preparing and filing an application for a German Overseas Education is a complex and stressful process. As an international student, you have to go through several phases of the German Overseas Education process and meet various requirements. To ensure that you arrive in Germany in a good time, you should apply for a German Overseas Education as soon as possible. Here you will learn about Germany Overseas Education requirements and steps until you appear for an interview with the nearby German Mission:

Choose an Appropriate Course and College

You should first search and apply for the desired course in an appropriate institute, college or university. KVCC Global, one of the leading and specialized Germany Overseas Education consultants in Chandigarh, offers free advice to Indian students on various institutes and universities to study in Germany. Begin the Process of Registration You will need certified copies of your previous academic scores and certificates to register at the university. These certified copies can be submitted at the German Missions. Open a Blocked Bank Account You need to open a blocked bank account to provide evidence of your living expenses in Germany that meet the requirements of the Germany student visa process. 

Arrange Needful Documents for Study Visa

Meet biometric photo requirements from the designated photo studios.  

Procure Biometric Photos

Firstly, you have to get entrance into a Singaporean University, then the entire Singapore Overseas Education process will begin.

Fill out Overseas Education Application Form

Submit print out of completely filled and signed student visa application form together with all other documents and declaration.

Obtain Demand Draft Application

Before your appointment at the German embassy, check the current exchange rate on the official website for the Germany Overseas Education fees and obtain an application for the demand draft.

Pay Germany Overseas Education Fees

Students need to pay their Overseas Education application fee along with a demand draft of € 10,236 to support your annual living expenses. DD with incorrect amounts will not be accepted. Always remember that the Overseas Education fee is non-refundable even if it is refused.

Schedule an Interview

Schedule a visa interview at your nearby German mission or embassy.

Germany Overseas Education Requirements

Documents required to apply for the Overseas Education in Germany:
  • Completed and signed student visa application form.
  • Photocopy of a valid passport.
  • Two recent PP size photos.
  • Letter of acceptance from an institute or university in Germany.
  • Documents for your previous academic records.
  • Certification of the German language skills or declaration of the student attending the German language courses.
  • Evidence of enough funds to support your living costs in Germany.
  • A certificate stating your health insurance purchase
  • If everything goes well, you’ll get positive news after a few weeks of your visa interview. If you want to make your way to the Germany Overseas Education process a 100% success, please contact our team of Germany Overseas Education consultants at KVCC Global.


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