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Is Gap Acceptable For Australia Overseas Education?

Australia is one of the well-known destinations for so many international students who want to study abroad. Every year thousands of students from all around the world apply for admission to different universities in Australia. That’s why Australia stands at the third position among the study destinations preferred by various international students.

But firstly, the applicant requires a VISA to get admission to any Australian university. But how about the students who take a year gap? It’s been noticed that some students take a year gap after completing their undergraduate education.

Why do students take a year gap in studies?

There could be various reasons to take this year gap. Certain reasons that compel them for taking a gap could be a financial problem, family problem, work experience, medical issues, preparation for competitive examination, reluctance to study soon after undergraduate studies, or other personal problems.

Whether the reason to take a year gap is unintentional or intentional, it may risk your chances to get Australia Overseas Education.

How much year gap between studies is allowed in Australia for a visa?

Australian colleges and universities are quite liberal in accepting students with a year gap in their education. However, they need an explanation for the year gap taken by the applicant. So, anyone who has taken a gap from studies must be able to explain their absence.

Many students even take a gap for more than a year after completing their undergraduate education. So, if they are not able to justify their extended study gap, their admission application is likely to be denied.

How do you get an Australian Overseas Education?

The Australian government has a special overseas program for international students to help them take admission in any desired course in the colleges or universities of Australia. There are many merits in this program but to get that students need to obtain a VISA first.

The applicants can fulfill Australia visa requirements by using their online confirmation or acceptance letter from the university or college where they applied for admission.

However, a gap year(s) may affect an applicant’s chances to get a visa in so many ways.

How a gap year affects your chances to get admission to desired Australian college or university?

As mentioned before, Australian universities permit students with a year gap only if they give genuine and reliable justification for their absence from studies. However, more than a one-year study gap could risk your chances to get admission to the university of your choice.

Always remember that colleges and universities in Australia give preference to applicants who take study gap for gaining work experience or due to any health problem. So, you need to provide proper documents to the university or college.

Aspirants who can give genuine reasons for their study gap with work experience have better chances to get a visa compared to the ones who have different reasons than this. But the final decision of giving admission to a student with the year(s) gap completely depends on the university.

Also, avoid any sort of forgery when clearing admission in Australia; otherwise, you may be banned for a lifetime on traveling to this country. This may risk your chances of getting a Overseas Education in other countries as well.


According to a professional Australia student visa consultant, any student with a year gap must do something productive, like gain work experience, side-by-side to improve their chances of getting a visa for studying in the best Australian university or college. Their work experience is solid proof for justifying the year gap and also helps in obtaining a Overseas Education and getting admission to any college or university in Australia.


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