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15 Work Opportunities Awaiting For Indian Students While Studying in Australia

Working while studying in Australia is a dream for Indian students to support both their studies and their living expenses to ensure that they don’t put an additional burden on their parents and get find their independent existence early on in life. Australia ranks among the best international study destinations for Indian students in the world. It is amazing that Australia is in the mind of every third Indian student you talk to, among the population, planning to study abroad. For Indian students wishing to study abroad is no more a distant dream. Its just a matter of tapping the right resources and opportunities available around. Australia, with its tuition fees and related graduation debt, happens to be one of the most sought after college programs. As in any other country, Indian students who choose to study in Australia have their own advantages and drawbacks. Studying in Australia offers a plethora of advantages along with a successful international exposure, a dynamic cultural exchange among people, and a clear impetus to your CV. Australia boasts of many world-class universities and offers a variety of famous courses of very good quality. Indian students generate big revenue for the government, which is also the reason why the government has a strong interest in the nation’s education sector. Studying in Australia might be costly, but it also has many academic programs that can be used to reduce financial strain. You can work part-time on your student visa and receive from $25 to $30 an hour anywhere (close to INR 1200 to 1500), depending on what kind of position you are in (read blue-collar jobs). During the holidays you can also work full time and make money full time. This added income will allow you to save and to some extent manage your living costs. Indian students can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester and during their holidays in full time in Australia. A fortnight is a 14-day duration that begins every Monday and ends on the second following Sunday. It could be a requirement to get a casual job to make some money when you study in Australia. But apart from just the income, there are plenty of great benefits to a part-time career. In your future work, you may obtain useful experience, have the chance to gain many skills and learn English if it is your second language and your coworkers will also turn out to be great friends. However, it can be very difficult to stick to a job while you study. Even part-time jobs can be difficult to attend during a week full of exams. Here you will get to know the 15 best high paying part-time and full time-jobs for students in Australia. 1.Rideshare Driver- It might be difficult to get a luxury car as a student, but all you need is a decent car, a mobile and a background inspection to become a driver on the road. The larger the town, the better the money. Usually. Rideshare drivers generate from $15-$30 per hour on an average. And much of the versatility of working hours is tremendous for students.
2.Translator- International students who are possibly native to another language will make a lot of extra money if they are a self-employed translator or have part-time jobs in that field. Pay varies from $14/h at the bottom to $55/h at the top. It is important to remember that language and writing skills are required to do this kind of work.
3.Become a tutor- If you have the knowledge and learning and want it to be conveyed to others to improve career, that’s the beginning. Get lovely money by working at your convenience and you can opt to work remotely or directly. Minimum pay from $20 to $30 per experience.
4.Content Writer- Content writers are responsible for accurate pronunciation, spelling and of course, editing of all forms of contents such as novels, magazines and websites with a style guide. A decent independent content writer could get around $40-$60 an hour. However, funding arrives on the basis of the project.
5.Coffee shop worker- Super traditional college part-time work! Employment in the restaurant areas of the university needs less training and pays more than most restaurant work. Wages vary from $15 to $30 an hour plus you can get some coffee plus food free of charge.
6.Bartender- Working behind a bar may be great for stretching your other obligations, and of course restaurants, pubs and clubs are available at night and on weekends when you’re not at university. And you would certainly be snapped up if you have previous experience as a bartender. There are many good things working in a bar – you will learn cool skills like cocktail-making, for instance, and at any step, you can encounter plenty of new people. But even probable detrimental factors can be considered as ruddy intoxicated clients and late finishes.
7.Working in grocery stores- Grocery and supermarkets, for good cause, are common student employers. Flexible shifts and long hours make the work around the classes and research commitments easier to match. More expertise is hardly appropriate. If it fits your schedule, you should work at the check-out, at a niche counter such as a restaurant or bakery or stock the shelves at night.
8.Music Teacher- There is a nice chance to make extra money while teaching music. You will be a music instructor if you play an instrument very well, like a piano or guitar. The hourly pay ranges greatly and goes to $100 to $150 per hour, to very strong and qualified on demand professors, starting at around $12 for half an hour.
9.Dog-walker job- Who isn’t going to enjoy this job? It’s a great mix of flexible hours, fun and extra good money. An hour-long group stroll and stroll for three to five dogs at a time will be charging $17 per hour one day to four days a week. The fee for private half-hour walking can also be up to $20-$25. Firstly, though, the license and insurance legislation of your area should be reviewed, as cops issue crime tickets. And note that it’s a huge responsibility to look after people’s best friends.
10.Fuel station worker- At first, it did not sound attractive ‘graveyard shift’ (late night to early morning). But remember how good the timeline would match, and think about it for a second time. While your cup of tea certainly isn’t late evening, it may be possible to have other relaxed changes and quick access to a wide variety of treats at 3 a.m.
11. Call center worker- If you are a natural salesperson or take pride in your customer service skills, the role of a call center might be to “call” you while at university. Many call centers operate 24/7, so be sure to find a shift that works within your schedule. If you speak a second language, several call centers that need workers with different language skills may also be quite enticing. Many big businesses have a description call center such that the prospects are nearly endless.
12. Reception worker- Working as a receptionist means greeting visitors, listening to the telephone and making reservations and doing simple administrative tasks. You can do it when you gain more valuable credentials, and casual employment is also possible in the full-time receptionist. It is a perfect career for students. You would need a fine, polite, competent and really coordinated atmosphere. Multiple businesses recruit receptionists from small companies such as dentists to big firms such as banks.
13.Online researcher- Are you well-educated, capable of finding quality material and general business knowledge? Becoming an online researcher may be a good chance. In this job, you should support professional businesses by looking into issues to provide high-quality answers and personalized information to customers. The pay is up to 37 dollars an hour.
14.Gym trainer- Relevant training and qualifications are required, but much can be compensated. Instructors will work in fitness centers, studios or consumer homes. A personal trainer’s average salary is 30 dollars per hour. And costs can exceed up to $75-$100 an hour for in-house personal training sessions.
15. Night auditor- Sounds amazing for you while working in hotels overnight? The Night Auditor is responsible for paperwork, assists visitors and bookkeeping tasks. You just need some statistical expertise, computational skills and basic accounting expertise for this kind of part-time work. Up to $29 an hour can be made.
Everyone wants money. Everything needs money. However, part-time jobs and additional income can be the only means of covering tuition, rent or regular expenses for Indian students. The positive thing is that Australia allows active students to work part-time. And part-time jobs may have extra advantages. For example, some businesses and contractors extend part-time benefits. Tuition payments, adjustable scheduling, health and dental benefits, retail stocks and staff discounts are all included. You can work on a student visa in Australia, but you must comply with the terms of your visa. You’re not able to work until you’ve started your studies in Australia. A student visa requires you to work for a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session during the semester and examination times, and unlimited hours while your course is out of session after your course has begun. An Australian tax file number will also be needed before you start working from the Australian Tax Office.


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