Diploma of Hospitality Management

A specialized course in Hospitality Management focuses on management abilities, such as planning and implementation by means of a service-oriented strategy for hotels and resorts around the globe. This course helps students acquire effective knowledge and skills to manage the hospitality industry by leading a diverse team, regulatory compliance, financial management, quality customer service, business relationship, operational plan, conflict management, health and safety at the workplace. The training is offered in classrooms and commercial kitchens. After completing this course, an individual can look at a rewarding career at Hospitality as a restaurant manager, a front office manager, a kitchen manager or motel manager. Moreover, this qualification may assist students to get an entry into a degree course. At KVCC Global, we help students gain access to a range of exciting and job-oriented hospitality courses with hands-on learning, training and work experience at one of Australia’s leading training institutions. For more information, please contact our experts today!

Admission Requirements

Education: Students should have completed the SIT40516 IV Certificate in Commercial Cookery or demonstrated relevant knowledge, skills and experience. English Skills: IELTS bands of 5.5 or equivalent Age: 18 years of age and above Course Duration It takes over 78 weeks or 1.5 years including workplace training of 6 months or 400 hours. Its classes are scheduled for 2 ½ days or 20 hours per week. Students are permitted to study for the extra 10 hours per week. Course Intakes Admission of course will start on 3 February, 28 April and 12 October. For further information, please contact KVCC Global Administration Team.

Mode of Study

The delivery methods include a mix of face-to-face classroom training, multimedia presentations, practical training and assessment in commercial kitchens using the advanced training facilities under the supervision of the trainer. Course Structure The Diploma of Hospitality Management course consists of 28 units of competency with 14 core units and 14 elective units as described below:

Course Units

# Elective Units (Code) Unit Name
1 BSBDIV501 Manage workforce diversity
1 BSBMGT517 Operational program management
1 SITXCCS007 Improve the customer service experience
1 SITXCCS008 Create and maintain good practice in customer service
1 SITXCOM005 Conflict management
1 SITXFIN003 Managing budget finances
1 SITXFIN004 Budget preparation and monitoring
1 SITXGLC001 Study and regulatory compliance
1 SITXHRM002 Roster team
1 SITXHRM003 Manage team
1 SITXMGT001 Track Operations
1 SITXMGT002 Establish and maintain business relations
1 SITXWHS003 Implement and track occupational safety and health standards
# Elective Units (Code) Unit Name
1 SITXFSA001 Using hygienic food safety practices
1 SITHIND004 Work efficiently in hospitality
1 SITHFAB002 Providing responsible alcohol services
1 SITHFAB003 Run a bar
1 SITHFAB004 Prepare and serve drinks without alcohol
1 SITHFAB005 Preparing and serving espresso-coffee
1 SITHFAB007 Serve food and drinks
1 SITEEVT005 Plan events or functions in-house
1 BSBWOR203 Function with others efficiently
1 SITXCCS006 Providing customer service
1 SITHIND002 Origin and use of hospitality industry knowledge
1 SITXFSA002 Take part in safe food practices
1 SITXWHS001 Take part in safe work practices
1 SITXHRM001 Prepare others for jobs
1 HLTAID003 First Aid Service

Essentials for Awards

Students who have successfully completed all the above-listed competency units will be eligible to enter SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management. Students will get a statement of an award after completion of individual units of competency.

Course Assessment

This course is primarily offered through institutional and workplace preparation. A selection of tools are used for assessing all units of competence, i.e. projects, quiz, knowledge-based tests, case studies, portfolios, practical demonstrations, workplace assessment, questions and answers. Workplace evaluation is performed through reporting and monitoring results, and includes quality management processes and programs relevant to the workforce and customer support.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The applicant must provide sufficient information before, during and after training and evaluation experience. In this process, the assessor must be well aware of the candidate’s needs and assist in identifying the applicant’s relevant staff members who can validate his professional abilities. Students must apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) not later than two weeks after the date of commencement for CoE. This recognition may help students to reduce their study time.

Career Outlooks

SIT50416 Hospitality Management Diploma Course enables students to work in any of the following roles, as shown below:
  • Unit Manager (Catering Services)
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Motel Manager
  • Sous Chef
  • Front Office Manager
  • Gaming Manager


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