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Six Reasons For Canadian Visa Rejection

So, you have the confirmation of the seat to the University and you are all excited to finally get to go to Canada. All that is left to do now is to apply for a Overseas Education in Canada, pack your bags, and get going. But, getting rejected by the visa authorities can put a stop to all your dreams. So, you will have to take precautions beforehand and keep in mind the following aspects so that your student visa application does not get rejected.

Not having the acceptance letter as a proof

The acceptance letter is the document that the student gets when the educational institute where he aims to study approves his application for admission. The Canada Overseas Education process will not be initiated without this.

The validity period of the passport gets expired

The validity period of the passport needs to cover the entire study period of the student. It is important for the passport of the student to remain valid all through the course and it lets him come back home after the course is over. Canada Overseas Education will not be issued without a valid passport.

The financial conditions not being met

If the student is unable to show that he has the financial condition to stay and support himself in the country, Canada student visa will not be approved. The following pieces of evidence act as proof of financial stability of the student.
  • He has a Canadian bank account for money transfer
  • He has bought a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
  • He has taken a student loan from the bank
  • He has paid both the housing and tuition fees
  • He has proper bank statements to show for the last four months
  • He has a letter from the one paying for

The motive to study in the country not explained

The student has to explain his reason to choose Canada as the place to study. He is supposed to submit the ‘letter of intent’ which clearly expresses to the overseas education authorities about why he wants study in Canada.

The student has failed at the medical examination

The student has to get a medical checkup done before applying for the visa. He gets a report after the completion of the examination which is to be shown to the authorities. Failing to get the examination or not qualifying at the examination means that he will not get the study permit in Canada.

The student couldn’t prove his resolve to come back to his country

Canada has opportunities for jobs and settling down, but that comes after the student has completed his course and the overseas education authorities find him important to contribute to the country. But, forgetting the visa, the student has to show his resolve to come back to his country. KVCC Global is one of the most renowned Canada student visa consultants. Get in touch with the experts today to gather more information about the matter.


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