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About New Zealand

New Zealand is the world’s best country with a vibrant lifestyle, youthful culture, and huge career opportunities. It is well known for its scenic beauty and offers international students excellent opportunities for study and work. In addition to the best academic and research facilities, the country offers students a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular options for enhanced bodies and brains. This is why New Zealand is extremely popular with Indians, and many Indians are glad to be settled here.

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand Student
By studying in New Zealand you can change your life forever. One of the many advantages that a foreign student can expect is the overseas education opportunities to New Zealand at the end of his or her studies. Here, we have pinpointed key reasons for international students to study in New Zealand:
  • World-recognized education system.
  • Options to choose plenty of courses.
  • Easy study process in Singapore and minimum entry barriers
  • Welcoming and friendly people and classmates.
  • Low tuition costs and other charges.
  • Extend your visa for one year after your course.
  • Easy work permit for the spouse.
At KVCC Global, we have a team of experienced overseas education and Overseas Education Consultants who can provide you with the best guidance and support right from free Overseas Education advice until you arrive at the desired study destination in New Zealand.

Student Overseas Education

New Zealand
A New Zealand student visa process can involve a number of difficulties at different stages, and a single error can lead to a huge mess. So, be very careful when applying for a student Overseas Education to New Zealand. It’s even better if you consult with some reliable overseas education and Overseas Education experts, like KVCC Global, who can guide and support you through all the details of a student visa in New Zealand to ensure 100% visa success. The New Zealand Overseas Education process involves the following necessary steps that all international students need to follow:
  • Find a suitable course and educational institution where you want to study.
  • Arrange funds to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and overseas health insurance.
  • Apply for a study permit in New Zealand.
  • Apply for a New Zealand Overseas Education.
  • Get travel insurance and accommodation.
You can either apply online or get help from experienced overseas education and Overseas Education consultants, like KVCC Global. We’re in touch with many leading universities and institutes across New Zealand to help you study wherever you want. Our simplified and transparent student visa process allows you to obtain a Overseas Education for New Zealand, easily and successfully.

Documents For Visa

New Zealand Consultants
International students need the following documents while applying for a New Zealand Student Visa:
  • A valid passport.
  • Proof of course enrolment.
  • Proof of suitable accommodation.
  • A complete student visa application form.
  • Character and health certificate.
  • Receipt for the course fee.
  • Proof of adequate funds for food, accommodation, and a return air ticket.
  • Receipt for Health insurance.
  • English proficiency score (IELTS or PTE).
  • Transcripts of all educational qualifications.
  • A statement of purpose (SOP).
If you want to study in New Zealand with a variety of scholarship programs, you may need to submit additional documents to receive financial support for your fees and the cost of living, etc.

Affordable Cost

New Zealand Costs
The cost of tuition fees in New Zealand may vary depending on the choice of institution and course you have chosen. You must confirm the fees for your course on the website of the university or institute that you are applying for. If you want to know more about the cost of the desired course of study in New Zealand as well as the availability of scholarships and financial assistance, just call or reach us at KVCC Global.


New Zealand Admissions
Education in New Zealand helps students to obtain recognized and respected qualifications around the world. New Zealand follows a clear and transparent study framework based on the British education system. Students can gain education and experience in their chosen profession. The country offers a wide range of courses at top universities, colleges, polytechnics and high schools for academic and professional preferences. International students can also enhance their language skills by studying in English language schools before starting secondary and university education. At KVCC Global, we guide and assist students to obtain an internationally recognized degree in their interests from the world’s leading universities, colleges, and other educational institutions in New Zealand.


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