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About Malta

The Republic of Malta has a rich history and modern outlook. This vibrant country boasts a number of recreation areas, lovely beaches, quiet surroundings and historic sites, including nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. Malta has a wealth of limestone reserves, tourism, film and electronic production, and much more. The country is best known for its hospitality to students from abroad who come to Malta for further studies.

Why Study In Malta?

Malta Student
Malta provides international students with a high-quality education system based on the British model. This is the ideal place to study, as its natural landscape, spectacular lakes and ocean views are isolated from the rest of the world. Many students prefer Malta as a perfect destination to research or doctorate in a variety of fields, including history, diplomacy, economics and marine studies.

Here you can find some reasons why Indian students should choose to study in Malta.:

  • A wealthy British heritage.
  • The safest country in Europe.
  • Open arms policy for international students.
  • World-class education with a scholarship.
  • No IELTS score required.
  • Choose from 200+ courses.
  • The most admired destination to study.
  • Excellent career prospects.
If you have any doubts about applying for higher education in Malta, please call us at KVCC Global for expert advice and support from one of India’s best education consulting teams.

Student Overseas Education

Malta Overseas Education
The Maltese education system is very similar to the British one. Even the health care system in Malta is widely regarded as the 5th best in the world. International students can enjoy excellent study and living conditions in the country by obtaining a Overseas Education to Malta. Maltese universities and institutes offer a variety of career choices, such as electronics and computer technology, education, engineering, and medicine. The education system in Malta mainly comprises of School or Primary education, and Higher education.
  • Primary education: Primary education takes 6 years to complete and enter secondary education.
  • Secondary Education: It takes 5 years to complete secondary education and to enter higher education or university-level studies.
  • Higher Education: Students must complete their primary and secondary education to enter higher education, which is equivalent to the British
  • A-level, and will be rewarded only after two additional years of study.
  • University level studies: It covers the first stage, second stage, and third stage.
First Stage: It will take three to five years to complete the first stage of the university or Bachelor’s degree, depending on the area of study. Second Stage: It includes a Master’s degree or a Postgraduate diploma and is awarded after one or two years of study. Third Stage or Doctor’s Degree: It takes at least 3 years to complete a doctor’s degree after Post-graduation. If you are interested in applying for a Malta Overseas Education, we at KVCC Global can help and guide you at all stages of the Malta Overseas Education process. So, apply with confidence for a desirable course!

Documents For Visa

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All international students wishing to apply for a Malta Student Visa must have the following essential documents:
  • One completed and signed student Overseas Education application form.
  • An original and valid passport.
  • Two recent coloured passport size photographs with a white background.
  • Proofs of course enrollment and accommodation.
  • Notarized No Objection Certificate (NOC) from both parents.
  • Proof of funds to cover all expenses, including tuition fees and daily expenses.
  • A confirmation letter from the university or school where the student wants to study.
  • An official statement made in favor of the student by school or college.
  • Proof of Police verification.
If you have any questions about the different requirements for a Malta Overseas Education, please contact KVCC Global for quick and expert advice.

Affordable Cost

Malta Student
Malta offers a very low cost of study and living, including food, accommodation, travel, and entertainment. On average, the cost of living for a student ranges from EUR 300 to EUR 900 per month which is much lower compared to other developed countries. Tuition fees in Malta can vary depending on the college and university, so students wishing to apply for a Malta student visa are advised to contact their preferred colleges or universities for the latest information. Malta offers interesting career opportunities for international students to work after graduation. You may choose to work in the reputed hospitality industry or in any other popular sector to add value to their job profiles. While seeking assistance for overseas Overseas Educations, our consultants at KVCC Global will provide you with the right guidance and support during the Malta Overseas Education process.


Apply Malta Overseas Education
Computers were introduced in Malta in 1996, causing major changes to the university environment and creating a number of professions in the fields of computer systems, electronics and advanced programming. The University of Malta is the largest educational institution in Malta and also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Admission of students to the University of Malta who wishes to pursue their career paths in most fields is decided through their enrolment or experience in the respective fields, such as the Arts and Sciences. The university system is divided into 14 faculties, including the fields of arts, technology, education, law, media, and medicine. It is, therefore, certainly beneficial for foreign students to apply to the University of Malta as their preferred destinations for study.


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