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About Canada

Canada is one of the best overseas study destinations in the world and attracts a large number of international students to study at their designated universities or colleges. Canada is the country that is most famous on the planet due to its excellent quality of life and progressive political environment. Canada is officially bilingual, and both English and French are used simultaneously in government and official records. This is a country with an abundance of natural resources and beautiful landscapes, such as the Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes.

Why Study In Canada?

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), there are three key reasons for international students to choose Canada as their preferred destination for study, such as:
  • World’s best quality education system.
  • Canadian society is very welcoming and cooperative.
  • Renowned as a safe land.
If you want to apply for a study permit in Canada, We, at KVCC Global have a team of experienced student study consultants who can guide and provide the best assistance to study in Canada.

Student Overseas Education

Canada Overseas Education Consultants
The student visa process that all international students need to follow in Canada is a very simple process. Once you have decided to study in a designated study institution in Canada, you must apply for a study permit in Canada online or on paper. You should follow all the instructions carefully, scan and upload documents, and pay the required Canada Overseas Education fees.

Key points to note for the student permit in Canada:-

  • Students should apply for a study permit before they travel to Canada.
  • Along with a student permit, students would need a temporary resident VISA to enter Canada.
  • The validity of the student permit shall include the duration of the course in Canada and an additional 90 days.
  • Students have to re-apply for Canada Overseas Education extension if they cannot finish up their course within the Canada student visa.
  • If students plan to leave Canada during summer or winter holidays, they may need to show evidence that they are enrolled in a Canadian institute when they come back to Canada.

Documents For Visa

Study Permit Canada
Once you have received a study permit proceed further to apply for a Canada Overseas Education. You’ll need the following documents:
  • Copies of letter of acceptance from an educational institute in Canada along with a completed application for a study permit.
  • A valid passport or document of travel.
  • Proof of funds to pay for their tuition fees, return transportation, and living expenses.
  • Certificate for good health and police verification.
  • An explanation to leave Canada after completion of studies.
  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ), if applied for Quebec.
  • Declaration of custodian for minors from parents.
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Affordable Cost

Canada Overseas Education Fees
Canada Overseas Education fees may vary depending on the universities, institutions, colleges, and provinces in which you want to study in Canada. However, the cost of studying and living in Canada is far more cost-effective than any other leading study destination in the world. If you are concerned about the cost of study, many universities and immigration departments in Canada may offer a good amount of scholarships or financial assistance to minimize the burden of study and accommodation costs in Canada. Our experienced team of Canada Student Visa Consultants at KVCC Global can help you strategically plan the right and affordable study options in Canada. So, apply for the Canada Overseas Education with confidence!


Canada Overseas Education Requirements
Canada has become a destination for many prospective international students to pursue higher education. Most Canadian universities have an international reputation, and a new policy on education emphasizes an increase in the number of applicants worldwide. Canadian universities have a long history and recognition of academic achievement and a high level of employment for graduates. Many Canadian universities and higher education institutions compete with leading and renowned U.S. and UK universities.


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