Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Applicant Assessment Form

Genuine Temporary Entrant

    Personal Details

    1. Have you ever previously travelled to Australia?

    If yes, when and why?

    2. Have you ever had an Australian visa application rejected or an Australian visa cancelled?

    If yes, please provide details.

    3. Have you ever held a visa for any other country?

    If yes, where and how long?

    4. Do you have any family or friends in Australia?

    If yes, please state their name, their relationship to you and in which state they live.

    5. Marital Status

    6. If applicable, is your spouse/partner coming with you to Australia as a dependent on your student visa?

    If yes, has your spouse/partner previously applied for a visa to Australia?

    7. Do you have sufficient funds available for 1 Year including dependents if any

    8. How will you pay your tuition, living and travel expenses? Personal / Loan/ Others

    9. Have you studied in Australia before?

    If yes, please provide details of education provider, program name(s) and dates of study

    11. Is there a gap between the time you finished your previous studies?

    If yes, please explain the reasons for your gap in studies.


    I declare that all information I have provided in this form is accurate and complete and that KVCC Global may refuse my application or cancel my enrolment if any information is found to be incorrect, false or misleading. I understand that by completing this form, I am giving written consent to KVCC Global to independently verify the information supplied by me in this form and request further documents as required. I declare that I have a genuine intention to undertake the study for which I have applied.


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